Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Articles

Hello everyone!

I've recently started writing articles on Triond because it's fun, I love to write, and I earn a little extra cash with it. You may have noticed the new gadget on the left side of my blog. There you can find my most recent articles. I would love it if you could have a look at them and tell me what you think by leaving a comment.

If you are on Triond, please let me know what your profile name is and I'll have a look at your articles!

If you want to join Triond, just click here.


  1. I joined a few months back and somehow I left it for the spiders to spin their web.. LOL.. Anyway, I will let you know once I checked out what's my id and password in there.. :)

  2. I also write on Triond! It is fun indeed!

  3. Krislin, you should really go back to Triond, it's a lot of fun to write ánd read articles. :) Please do let me know your username, I'd love to read your articles.

    @J.: Totally. :) I actually joined two years ago, but didn't start writing until a month ago. Today, I even got adsense earnings from triond for the first time.

  4. Oh...yeah i did see the gadget u mentioned.Hm...never heard of Triond before is it good Eva?

  5. Hey Tryant! I think it's pretty cool. You just write articles (which is kind of fun on its own) and you get paid for it based on how many people read it and comment on it. But don't expect to earn a lot, especially not in the beginning. If you join, please tell me your username and we can be friends. :-)