Thursday, April 22, 2010


I'm Eva. I'm 18 years old, or young, whatever. :)

Things I love:
- The first snow
- Lasagna
- Summer
- Shopping
- Brunch
- The beach
- Hearing awesome songs you haven't heard in ages
- Making pancakes
- Watching Friends over and over again
- Instantly loving a new song and repeatedly listening to it
- Finding money in your pocket
- Flip flops
- Picknicks
- Barbecue

Things I hate:
- My hands getting all wrinkly when I take a bath
- Peaches
- Useless facebook updates posted by one person all day long
- Chronically mispelling
- Not being able to find something
- Butterflies
- Clowns
(The last two are actually things I'm afraid of)

Feel free to tell me what you like and dislike!


  1. things i love:

    -quantum mechanics
    -reading philosophy
    -big screens

    things i hate

    -TV channels
    -government newspapers
    -bus, when i have no seat

  2. I'm not really into mathematics or quantum mechanics (at all actually) but I do enjoy drama, music, beaches and all the other lovely things you mentioned. I hate spiders as well, they really creep me out!

    Thank you for your comment.