Saturday, June 12, 2010

When I'm bored

This is so true! Graphjam is this site I visit when I'm bored, and I can actually relate to a lot of their ridiculously funny graphs.

Another hilarious site is People Of Walmart. I know it's wrong to laugh at people, but come on! Some of these people are really asking to be mocked. :D is pretty amusing as well. Something or someone is compared to something/someone else that totally looks like it (I guess the site name says it all...). Click here for a picture of a woman that looks waaaay too much like David Hasselhoff. (There's two of them. :O)

What funny sites do you like to visit when you're bored?


  1. Hehe....The sites u mentioned are great eva!!And about the funny site.i visit bloggers when Im bored!!!

  2. I do the same, but when I'm all bloggered out, I have a look at what's new at these sites. :D Thank you for commenting.

  3. hahaha.. you scared of the dark?.. :)

  4. I'm not really scared, but I do get the monster feeling sometimes. :D It's weird, I think it just started when I was a little kid and never went away.