Monday, August 2, 2010

Long time no see

It really has been forever since I made my last post. I apologize! But I have been very busy this summer. :)

I went to France, which was awesome! The weather was great. I'm not so fond of the weather right now, because I want sun!

How is your summer?

(Sorry for the short post, but I have to go again! :D)


  1. Oh that's great!!My Summer was rather short and boring!!But am glad that ur's was great!!

    Btw:Sorry for the late comment!!And u have to go to france again that's scary!!

  2. Thanks for your response, don't worry about it being late!

    What's so scary about France? :D

  3. Hehe....i had an incident!!in France When i was small visited France with my uncle and aunt.And i kinda get lost!!So i find France

  4. Oh, you poor thing! :D Okay, I get your fear of France now, it's because of a childhood trauma. But I'm sure if you go back now, you would love it.